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Please Read - Rules

Sakuras ~ Divider by OtomeNishikiSakuras ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki
~Happy April!~… :iconsegalogoplz:
Hello Sonic Fans!

Please take a look at the rules below so there shall be less problems.

:groups: :icondarulesplz: :groups:

:bulletgreen: There will be no need to ask to join, you will automatically be accepted as long as you aren't trying to join as a Co-Founder, or Contributor.

:bulletgreen: No threats of any kind towards members and visitors, yes, that includes the admin, co-founders, and contributors of course.

:bulletgreen: Please submit your pictures to the right folder, It will make it alot easier for every one including us if you do so.

:bulletgreen: We do not allow people advertising on our page, so if you are to do so we will report it as spam.

:bulletgreen: Once again do not ask to be the Founder, Co-Founder, or a Contributor. We will decide on that.

:deviation: Submission Rules :deviation:

:bulletblue: Almost anything is acceptable here, but please keep your pictures G, or PG.(no gore) Yaoi and Yuri is acceptable but please no Hentai!

:bulletblue: Please keep your art in Sonic style, of course everybody's style is a little different so as long as they don't have human bodies and such you're good. This rule does not apply to the folder human forms since this folder is meant to have them in a fully human form.

:star::bulletblue: We do not accept bases, tracings, re-colors, fetishes, journals, screen shots, or furrie maker characters, etc in this group. Stick to your own art please.
:bulletblue: Try to submit nice looking artwork we will not accept for example sloppy sketchy pictures that are hard to see, we want some effort! (:

:gallery: Folder Descriptions :gallery:

:bulletgreen: Featured: In this folder we represent the most magnificent, dazzling, and superb art that stands out the most, chosen specifically by the staff members.

:bulletgreen: Official Characters: Here you may submit the original cast of Sonic the Hedgehog. No matter if it's from the games, Comics or anywhere else. Just as long as they are official.

:bulletgreen: Sonic Fan Characters: This is where the characters you have created based off the Sonic series go.

:bulletgreen: Official and Fan Characters: This is where you may submit pictures with at least one Official character and one Fan character both in one picture.

:bulletgreen: Sonic Couples: Here you will submit couples both official and fan made.

:bulletgreen: Flash and Animations: This is where your short little movies or clips belong. As long as the deviation moves in any way it will probably go in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Comics: Your silly, romantic, scary, etc Sonic comic pages go here, including the covers. Remember a comic is when there is pictures in a whole bunch of boxes and such.

:bulletgreen: Human Forms: This is where Official or Fan made characters are transformed into humans go.

:bulletgreen: Fan Fictions and Literature: Stories of all kind and literature written out for enjoyment go here.

:bulletgreen: Crossovers: If you have a picture with the Sonic crew or your own Sonic characters with a totally different fandom, it goes right here.

:bulletgreen:Doodles and Sketches: Like the title states; just some doodles and sketches. Line arts are welcome to this folder as well.

:bulletgreen:Other Sonic Related Art: Allows "art" such as photographs, stamps, icons, designs, etc. As long as they have something to do with Sonic.

:bulletgreen: UPDATE: Filled Out Memes Sonic Related Only: Allows filled out memes about Sonic BUT, it must give credit for using or giving links to a blank one.

:rip: Why Was My Submission Declined? :rip:

:bulletblue: You may have submitted your artwork to the wrong folder, please make sure to check that you're submitting to the correct folder. If you realize you have submitted incorrectly, make sure to withdraw the picture and try again.

:bulletblue: It was a stolen, recolored, traced, or a base used piece.

:bulletblue: If your picture does not look like there was any effort in putting it together or it looks really messy we won't accept it.

:bulletblue: You are only able to submit 3 pieces a week, please wait for the following week to submit more pieces.

:bulletblue: It may have broke a previous rule from above, try reading the rules more carefully.

:helpdesk: Questions? :helpdesk:

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the front page.

:bulletgreen: Do not contact the admin personally, if there is a problem of some sort please contact the group through note.
:party: Just be yourself, and have fun! :party:


★ Welcome to Sonic--Unlimited! ★
Where we appreciate and admire the fastest hedgehog around!
:bulletred:First Founder of the group: Coconut-rave
:bulletred:Kindly given to a new Founder: chibiirose



★ Check out some other groups awhile you're here! ★
We will affiliate with:
:bulletyellow: Sonic-related groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic fan-character groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic couple groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic RP groups.

We will not affiliate with:
:new::bulletred:As of now, groups with members no less than 20
:bulletred: Non-sonic related groups.
:bulletred: Hate/anti groups.
:bulletred: Crossover groups.
:bulletred: Groups with no icons. (Makes you look like an inactive group)


Group Info

The Sonic Unlimited Group is for ALL Sonic fans! You can draw Sonic, talk about Sonic, and love Sonic up to UNLIMITATION!
Founded 3 Years ago
Aug 17, 2010


Group Focus
Sonic the Hedgehog

4,886 Members
4,197 Watchers
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Heya there Sonikku Fanz, stylishGamer here!!~:heart: I'm just here to break down some very important details and stuffz regarding art submissions into this group~ Recently, it has come to the attention of me and the other admins of the group that submissions to the INCORRECT folders has been increasing... ALOT lately. It seems that people are still not paying enough attention to the rules that are kindly given to you on the FRONT PAGE and in PLAIN SIGHT. Honestly, we're getting alittle tired of constantly having to say: "Doodles, Sketches, and Linearts please" or "Other Sonic Related Arts please" or "Flash and Animations please" and so on way too many times than needed!~ And it's pretty troubling because even after chibiirose updated the rules not too long ago, the number of times we were declining stuff shot up like rockets//confused. SO PLEASE, as I present to you these rules once again, please oh PLEEASE PAY ATTENTION !~

Unless your submission was requested by an admin to be here, NOTHING, and we mean NOTHING! can be submitted here unless requested by one of us. We donut CARE how beautifully awesome it might be, if we didn't ask for it, then we don't want it here, in this folder, at all. Capiche?~ (too may people keep trying to submit here, it really needs to stop)

  :bulletblue:OFFICIAL CHARACTERS:bulletblue:
Well guys, it's as the titles says, ONLY SEGA/SONIC TEAM created characters belong here! That means NO recolors, NO FCs, NO NOTHIN'. These are for other folders.

:bulletblue:SONIC FAN CHARACTERS:bulletblue:
This one... this one should be an easy one. Alot of us have that very special character(s) that we created from our own heart and soul, and that's completely fine... Just Make Sure It's Submitted HERE, nowhere else.
:bulletblue:SONIC COUPLES:bulletblue:
Are the characters you drew doing something involving love? Are they close together face to face looking at each other with eyes as big this planet? Are they perhaps making some love? If they are doing anything that most would look at it and say: "Oh, that looks like (Official x Official) or (FC x FC) or (Official x FC)" then it belongs here. And yes, we allow yaoi and yuri~
This means NO ROMANCE. Here's an example of what I mean: If you submit a pic with Sonic, let's sayy, just chatting with an FC or Amy just having some cake with an FC or something and there's no type of love going on, then it can go here. So if you drew a pic with 2 charas and you don't want people to think it's a couple or anything, just friend instead, IT GOES HERE.
:bulletblue:FLASH AND ANIMATIONS:bulletblue:
Does the pic/file your submitting move in any way, shape, or form? 'Nuff said.
Is the image your submitting have panels, speech bubbles, text, ANYTHING along those lines? THEN IT GOES HERE, PULEAASE~
:bulletblue:HUMAN FORMS:bulletblue:
One Word: G I J I N K A S. A gijinka is an anthropomorphic/animalistic character recreated to look somewhat like a human being, with a nose, eyes, lips, ears, whatever! If it's humanized, than it goes here.
:bulletblue:FAN FICTIONS AND LITERATURE:bulletblue:

Okay, so does your pic contain a character(s) from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT world, like Super Mario('s) Land, or Wreck-It-Ralph? How about... The Legend of Zelda, aka Sonic meets Link's universe? Yes, any type of crossing between FC/Official Charas with a completely different franchise GOES HERE.
:bulletblue:DOODLES, SKETCHES, AND LINEARTS:bulletblue:
This... this is where this group has the most problems, seriously. If the pic you are submitting has NO COLORS and LOOKS LESS DETAILED ENOUGH to be considered a sketch (scratchiness, hard to see, NOT DIGITAL. However, please note: If you are a traditional artist who's pics look vivid, well colored, nice, and easy to see, then it doesn't belong here, but in any of the other folders).
:bulletblue:OTHER SONIC RELATED ART:bulletblue:
Anything that has to do with live PHOTOS, STAMPS, DESIGNS, WALLPAPERS, CALENDERS, ETC. IT ALL GOES HEEERE. Just as long it's all Sonic related~
:bulletblue:MEMES (WITH SONIC CHARACTERS):bulletblue:
If the pic your submitting is anything based off a MEME, IT GOES IN HERE.
If you you would like to show the world how to draw your beautiful fan character, then we have this wonderful folder to help you do just that!~ So all refs go in here~
:star:ADOPTABLES (N E W F O L D E R ):star:
Yay, this one's exciting!~ Are you trying to find your characters a new owner? Well now that can made alittle easier with our brand new ADOPTABLES folder. All your Sonic related adoptables belong here.

~Well, that's about it guys! I wanna thank you all for looking through these rules once again!~ I know it may seem like too much to remember, but if you just take a little bit of time to LOOK at these rules every now and then before submitting in case your not sure, you'll really be helping us out, and we'd really appreciate that!~:heart:
So let's hope this shined alittle more light on any concerns you might've had~
PEACE:iconsonicawesomeplz:OUT !
 :star:      :star:      :star:      :star:      :star:      :star:

:iconminisonicplz::bulletred::.Edit 3/19/2014.: ~THIS IS JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER!~
It seems that some members are STILL submitting stuff into the wrong folders. PLEASE try not to submit anything in the "Featured"folder (that folder is ONLY for co-founders to put artwork that catches their interest to be in the group) and the "FULL" folder" ( it means that it cannot fit any more submissions in that folder) I had to put "DO NOT SUBMIT" in the title. I really can't stress that enough and still, submissions are being requested there. :saddummy: So pleasepleaseplease read the submission rules everyone x)!~ It would save my co-founders and I a lot of time when accepting artwork here and your time from artwork that gets declined. Any questions? Please ask! Thank you for reading!....again xD
Also, please read some previous rule changes here and on the front page :below:~

Hey Sonic fans! :iconcocoloveplz: First I want to say thank you all for being members of this group and welcome to the new members that just joined as well. I hope you have fun here ♥ ♥ ♥ With that said, I have been thinking about changing little bit of the rules here. Lately I had complaints about not allowing yoai and yuri art...well I will allow this, only because it's not fair for those who have their opinions in shipping the same sex. I think all shippings should be allowed here ^O^There are other changes I made...
:bulletred:Note: Also, read the rules on the front page, I have changed them there as well! Also please submit your stuff into the right folder! Many of you are submiting things into the "FULL" and "Featured" folder. My co-founders and I will not accept that! >.<

~Here are the changes! :work:...
:bulletblue: Are are now allowed to submit Yaoi & Yuri art. They will be accepted into the
~"Sonic Couples"folder (if you are pairing up official characters together or fan characters together. Any couples are welcomed here!) & (PLEASE NO HENTAI! Keep it nice and sweet)

:bulletblue: We will support submissions that lead to things such as music, videos, etc.

:bulletblue: Sprites and screenshots will be allowed! They will be allowed into the "Other Sonic Related Art"

:bulletblue: Other Sonic Related Art allows "art" such as photographs, stamps, icons,pixels, designs, etc. As long as they have something to do with sonic.
:bulletblue:Doodles/Sketches/Linearts 2 allows either uncolored work AND artwork doodles (can be either colored and uncolored)
:star: I suggest you look at the gallery just in case you're not sure about submitting your artwork right away :nod::star:

~ That is all! I hope this clears up some questions and confusion ^^ If not, please ask  me questions if you're still unsure about something and we can work something out :> Thanks for reading!
~Alex :heart:
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