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~~~~Sonic Channel Calender & Please Read-Rules~~~~~

~Happy October!~
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Hello Sonic Fans!

Please take a look at the rules below so there shall be less problems.

:groups: General Rules :groups:

:bulletgreen: There will be no need to ask to join, you will automatically be accepted as long as you aren't trying to join as a Co-Founder, or Contributor.

:bulletgreen: No threats of any kind towards members and visitors, yes, that includes the admin, co-founders, and contributors of course.

:bulletgreen: Please submit your pictures to the right folder, It will make it alot easier for every one including us if you do so.

:bulletgreen: We do not allow people advertising on our page, so if you are to do so we will report it as spam.

:bulletgreen: Once again do not ask to be the Founder, Co-Founder, or a Contributor. We will decide on that.

:deviation: Submission Rules :deviation:

:bulletblue: Almost anything is acceptable here, but please keep your pictures G, or PG.(no gore) Yaoi and Yuri is acceptable but please no Hentai!

:bulletblue: Please keep your art in Sonic style, of course everybody's style is a little different so as long as they don't have human bodies and such you're good. This rule does not apply to the folder human forms since this folder is meant to have them in a fully human form.

:star::bulletblue: We do not accept bases, tracings, re-colors, fetishes, journals, screen shots, or furrie maker characters, etc in this group. Stick to your own art please.
:bulletblue: Try to submit nice looking artwork we will not accept for example sloppy sketchy pictures that are hard to see, we want some effort! (:

:below::gallery: Folder Descriptions :gallery::below:
:iconminisonicplz: ~ (PLEASE READ) + Two New Folders ~Heya there Sonikku Fanz, stylishGamer here!!~:heart: I'm just here to break down some very important details and stuffz regarding art submissions into this group~ Recently, it has come to the attention of me and the other admins of the group that submissions to the INCORRECT folders has been increasing... ALOT lately. It seems that people are still not paying enough attention to the rules that are kindly given to you on the FRONT PAGE and in PLAIN SIGHT. Honestly, we're getting alittle tired of constantly having to say: "Doodles, Sketches, and Linearts please" or "Other Sonic Related Arts please" or "Flash and Animations please" and so on way too many times than needed!~ And it's pretty troubling because even after chibiirose updated the rules not too long ago, the number of times we were declining stuff shot up like rockets//confused. SO PLEASE, as I present to you these rules once again, please oh PLEEASE PAY ATTENTION !~

:rip: Why Was My Submission Declined? :rip:
:bulletblue: You may have submitted your artwork to the wrong folder, please make sure to check that you're submitting to the correct folder. If you realize you have submitted incorrectly, make sure to withdraw the picture and try again.

:bulletblue: It was a stolen, recolored, traced, or a base used piece.

:bulletblue: If your picture does not look like there was any effort in putting it together or it looks really messy we won't accept it.

:bulletblue: You are only able to submit 3 pieces a week, please wait for the following week to submit more pieces.

:bulletblue: It may have broke a previous rule from above, try reading the rules more carefully.

:helpdesk: Questions? :helpdesk:

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the front page.

:bulletgreen: Do not contact the admin personally, if there is a problem of some sort please contact the group through note.
:party: Just be yourself, and have fun! :party:
:.5/20/2014.: Hey Sonic fans!
We just want to thank each and everyone of you for joining our Sonic group! \(*0*)/ :heart: We hit 5,000 members weeeee!! As the founder and co-founders, we want to thank you guys as we watch this group grow and grow everyday and I am very grateful to be part of this and you lovely members for putting up your wonderful artwork!
~Thank you again and hope we can reach even higher in the future!! :)

~chibiirose stylishGamer
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~ Our Lovely Stalkers (visitors)~

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★ Welcome to Sonic--Unlimited! ★
Where we appreciate and admire the fastest hedgehog around!
:bulletred:First Founder of the group: Coconut-rave
:bulletred:Kindly given to a new Founder: chibiirose




★ Check out some other groups awhile you're here! ★
We will affiliate with:
:new::bulletyellow: Crossover groups are now available to affiliate.
(:above:must have Sonic in it! Preferably with Nintendo Groups)
:bulletyellow: Sonic-related groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic fan-character groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic couple groups.
:bulletyellow: Sonic RP groups.

We will not affiliate with:
:new::bulletred:As of now, groups with members no less than 20
:bulletred: Non-sonic related groups.
:bulletred: Hate/anti groups.
:bulletred: Groups with no icons. (Makes you look like an inactive group)



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SaucyNadles Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Why was my submission declined??
I'm pretty sure I put it in the fan characters folder?…
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SuperMoonImagination Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why was my submission declined? It doesn't go against any of the submission rules, unless I submitted to the wrong folder somehow.

Sonic Android: Shadow 3D Model Detail, No Textures by SuperMoonImagination  
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chibiirose Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:bulletred: yikes! Remember, you don't have to ask to be a member. Just click that "Join Group" button on top of our page and BOOM you're in!

(the button is not visible on mobile for some reason so make sure you're on your PC!)Also, don't forget to read our group rules and folder descriptions! That's important! 

Welcome to our group, Sonic fans! :)
Shalgrove Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  New member
Can I be a member as well?
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GHNentos Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student Artist
Can I be a member? (◠‿◠) 
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